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πŸ’ͺ Build foundational product marketing skills

πŸ‘ Ace your product marketing interviews

πŸš€ Drive impact and level up your career

Feeling unsure, overwhelmed, and stuck?

Does this sound like you?

❌ Unsure where and how to start.

❌ Overwhelmed by tons of information online.

❌ Stuck in analysis paralysis.

There's a better way:

βœ… Get clarity with a proven roadmap.

βœ… Focus on learning the skills that matter.

βœ… Take action and launch your career.

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Here's how I can help

Learn the PMM role ⚑

Get a comprehensive overview of the PMM role to see if the career is right for you. Find out what PMMs actually do, how you can become one, and the skills needed to be successful.Β 

Master PMM Skills 🧠

Build foundational PMM skills to plan and execute at high level, including customer personas, positioning & messaging, GTM plans, while working effectively with cross functional teams.

Prep for PMM Interviews ✏️

Craft a compelling story on why you'd be a great product marketing candidate, create an impactful resume that stands out, and develop strong interview skills to ace any PMM interview.Β 

1. Get a comprehensive view with PMM ebook

The first step is to know the job that you're applying for πŸ’‘

There's tons of disconnected information about what product marketing is and is not but none give you a holistic and practical view of the product marketing function.

I created The Complete No-Nonsense Guide to Product Marketing to give you a comprehensive and in-depth overview of the product marketing role. You'll learn what product marketing managers actually do, how you can break into product marketing, and practical skills you absolutely need to succeed.

2. Build job ready skills with PMM Career Track

The second step is to build foundational skills before you apply 🧠

This is the part that most people skip. Too often, people just apply without knowing how to do the PMM job, and as a result, are not able to impress or pass their interviews.

I created the Product Marketing Career Track to teach you how to think, strategize, and execute like a high performing PMM. You'll learn the most important principles, frameworks, and skills to maximize your impact at work.Β 

You'll also receive a digital certification that you can add to your LinkedIn and resume.

3. Start your job search with PMM Interview Prep

The last step is to product market yourself as the best candidate for the PMM role πŸ”₯

I created the Product Marketing Interview Prep to do just that. You'll learn how to reframe your background and experiences to position yourself as a candidate with a unique perspective, create an impactful resume that highlights your story and accomplishments, and develop interview skills to answer common PMM questions like market sizing and go-to-market launches.

You'll receive a copy of my most current resume and a resume template you can use to create your own.

What people are saying about PMM Track

I love your no frills approach. Happy to say that I was able to secure a role as PMM based on the info in your ebook and videos!

- Zach

The PMM Career Track is the most direct and actionable product marketing course I've taken. It showed off real world approaches of how product marketing is actually done at organizations!Β 

- Brie

The PMM concepts and principles are really easy to understand. I also love the examples used as they are very applicable and relevant to real life situations that a PMM might face!Β 

- Alicia

They just extended the offer! I can't thank you enough for your help on this journey. I cannot do it without your guidance and insights!Β 

- Lei

Learn from someone with 10+ years of product marketing experience

πŸ‘‹ Hi there! I'm Henry :)

I studied political science, almost went to law school and ended up in product marketing at Google. Since then, I've built and scaled product marketing at several high growth startups in the IoT, edtech, and adtech spaces.

Outside work, I enjoy cooking, reading biographies, and playing tennis.

I'm also a Jesus-lover.