Get 1:1 PMM Coaching

Get 1:1 personalized help with any of the following:

πŸ“„ Resume and portfolio review

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’Ό Interview prep and job search strategy

πŸš€ Career advice and challenging PMM projects

Want a seasoned mentor in your career corner?

This is it.

I've helped countless people break into product marketing by improving their storytelling, resumes, and interview skills. I've also helped many new PMMs accelerate their career growth by helping them identify and execute high impact projects at work.

Send an email to to book a call. Rates are $250/hour or $1,000 for 5 sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's it for?

1:1 PMM Coaching is for aspiring and current product marketers who want to get 1:1 coaching on any of the following: resume review, portfolio review, interview prep, job search strategy, career advice and guidance on challenging PMM projects at work.

What happens after I reach out?

After you've emailed to book your coaching call, I'll respond within 48 hours with a calendly link that you can use to book your first session.

Learn from someone with 10+ years of product marketing experience

πŸ‘‹ Hi there! I'm Henry :)

I studied political science, almost went to law school, and ended up in product marketing at Google. Since then, I've built and scaled product marketing at several high growth startups in the IoT, edtech, and adtech spaces.

Outside work, I enjoy cooking, reading biographies, and playing tennis.

I'm also a Jesus-lover.